1. Drive the custom silicon development process from concept to mass production
  2. Industry leading consultants in all related disciplines are brought to bear as needed for your project
  3. Drive regular project updates for System company teams and Supplier partner teams
  4. Search out new Supplier and technologies of interest
  5. Silicon roadmap planning
  6. Drive mass production ramp planning mitigating commercial and engineering risks


Disclosure: We are not a legal firm. We work with licensed Attorneys.

  1. Assist with the development and negotiation of:
    1. Master supplier agreement (MSA) negotiation
    2. NDA agreements
    3. Memorandum of understanding (MOU) negotiation
    4. Quality agreements
    5. Statement of work (SOW)


    1. Return on investment analysis
    2. Cost model creation
    3. Price negotiation
    4. Mass production ramp planning including risk ramp planning

We will work with our system company Clients to find the right chip design Company that can execute their custom projects.

We drive your custom silicon project end-to-end including resourcing all necessary experts for every project phase. We will build bridges between your system engineers, and your chip Supplier engineers, helping translate chip and system speak, and guide both teams towards an on time and high quality custom chip.

We will support your GSM and legal teams as they negotiate custom chip projects with your selected chip Suppliers. We know all the technical steps, special cases and other details that are relevant for successful commercial and legal agreement negotiations.