Basic Vendor Selection Package

  1. Drive Concept Phase sign off
  2. Drive Requirements Phase sign off

Full Silicon Management Package

  1. Basic Vendor Selection Package
  2. Drive Specification Phase sign off
  3. Drive Tape out Phase sign off
  4. Verification package
  5. Drive Validation Phase sign off
  6. Drive Mass production Phase sign off
  7. Drive out of bounds (OOB) reviews as needed
  8. Drive risk ramp reviews as needed

Verification Package

Verification methodology review, verification plan review and sign off, and tape out review and sign off.

  1. Review AMS, DV, FPGA and analog simulation verification methodology.
  2. Review Supplier’s proposed verification plan, and provide feedback.
  3. Review the results of the execution of the verification plan at the tape out review.

Silicon Roadmap Planning Package

  1. Determine an integration plan for all circuits of interest based on best semiconductor technology node for the application
  2. Determine estimated ROI achievable by proceeding with custom silicon development
  3. Develop a silicon roadmap to support the product roadmap

Financing Package

Disclosure: We are not a licensed financial firm. We work with our partners or yours.

  1. Provide quotes from our financing partners for your project
  2. Provide assistance closing financing for the project

Negotiations Package

Disclosure: We are not a legal firm. We work with licensed Attorneys.

  1. Connect you to our legal partners licensed in your area to assist with any of the:
    1. MSA
    2. MOU
    3. SOW
    4. Quality agreements

Commercial Package

  1. Assist in pricing, terms, support and licensing negotiations
  2. Assist developing cost models to support he negotiations
  3. Assist legal teams negotiating MSAs, SOWs, MOUs and other Supplier agreements
  4. Assist planning ramp logistics with the Supplier

Basics of Silicon Management Course

  1. Definition of terms relevant to silicon management
  2. Semiconductor industry basics
  3. High level milestones for a chip development
  4. Basics of package and test site tech
  5. Basics of semiconductor foundry tech
  6. Basic overview of the custom silicon management process
  7. Basic overview of the system development process and how it relates to chip development

Advanced Silicon Management Course

  1. Advanced aspects of the silicon management process
  2. Deep dive into vendor selection
  3. Deep dive into chip industry silicon and packaging technologies
  4. Deep dive into chip verification
  5. Deep dive into chip cost modeling
  6. Deep dive into return on investment